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Questions  &  Answers
QHow difficult is it to put up my Carport or Patio Cover kit ?

AIncluded with your kit are complete installation instructions. Our customers tell us,
    'If you are at all handy and can follow instructions anyone can do it.'                  

Q.  Can one person install your kits ?

A.  Yes, but you will find that it is much easier if you have a helper. Many of our
    customers worked as a husband and wife team.

Q. I know you send complete instructions, but what if I have some questions ?

A. Free phone help is available. One of our installation specialist will be happy to
    assist you.

Q. How long does it take to get my Carport kit or Patio Cover Kit ?

A.  From the time we receive your kit order, until it arrives at your door, in most                 cases is less than 10 working days.

Q.  I live where we get a lot of snow and/or wind. What kind of snow loads and/or
    winds are your covers rated to handle ?

A.  When we price out your cover, it will be rated for your part of the country. Our                          Carport and Patio Cover kits are rated at 20, 30 and 40 pounds per square
     foot of live load weight ( Ice and snow ) and wind ratings of 90 mph to 150 mph.
     Higher live load ratings can be accommodated.

Q.  How do I find the snow load or wind rating that is needed for where I live ? 

A.  Check with you local or county building codes department.

Q.  What if I need to get a building permit ?

A.  We will supply you with the necessary engineering specifications for your state. In        most cases, our engineering certification is already on file with your state.

Q.  Are there any strange additional charges, such as packaging charges for shipping
     to different parts of the country etc.?

A.  No !  No matter what part of the country we ship our carport kits or patio cover
     kits, we feel your product should be properly protected. Why should you have to
     pay an additional charge for proper packaging !

Q.  Why don't you include the snow load ratings of your carports and patio covers on         your web site?

A.  The live load ratings vary by the thicknes of the metal, size of the covers, wind             loading etc.. Once we know your needs and location, it is much simpler to give you this information for you spicific location.

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